These are the days of great intentions. Around New Year’s Day, it’s energizing to think about future possibilities. The workout plan you’ll follow. The new skills you’ll learn. The career defining moments you’ll create.

But no matter how inspired, most people fail to move forward as envisioned. Many do not make it past the first week of January, overwhelmed by “urgent” tasks related to the return to work, school, etc. Today’s inspiration is insufficient for sustained, long-term career success. The key is converting today’s inspiration into an actionable plan.
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Law students and junior lawyers often worry that they lack sufficient legal expertise to blog. This is driven in part by the emergence of many blogs that feature articles, not blog posts. But blogging opportunities include much more than applying extensive legal expertise.

Kevin O’Keefe, LexBlog founder and CEO, encourages law students and lawyers to share content, provide a take, and talk about the things that they’re doing. You can do these things without holding yourself out as an expert. One of the benefits, in addition to connecting with others, is that doing it well demonstrates interest in a niche and that you are doing the work to develop expertise.
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Two years ago, I joined Michigan State University College of Law as the Assistant Dean for Career Development and a Professor of Law in Residence. It has been a productive two years. We assembled a great Career Services Office (CSO) team, transformed the office through “lean systems thinking,” and worked with students, faculty, staff, our

I am thrilled to announce that I have joined Michigan State University College of Law as its Assistant Dean for Career Development. It was a very difficult decision to leave Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, particularly when I had just been elevated to equity partner in 2013. I enjoyed working with Honigman’s talented lawyers,